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EST: 1994 - Now in our 17th year of providing specialized health insurance services on the Web.

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CHAMPION INSURANCE can help you obtain affordable Health Insurance solutions for
(click on the link for the type of coverage you need):

 U.S. Temporary
Health Insurance

new grads..
between jobs..
relocating to another state

 International Travel
Health Insurance

coverage for a few days to a few years

College Student
Health Insurance

for international undergraduate
and graduate students

Study Abroad
Health Insurance

for U.S. Students, Faculty or Scholars
Studying Abroad,
including those independently registered
in full-time programs abroad


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These links guide you to a page that summarizes each type of coverage, where you can obtain application forms or submit a request for a brochure and a no-obligation rate quote.

TEMPORARY  HEALTH  INSURANCE - Short Term Health Insurance for people between jobs, new/recent U.S. Graduates, etc.

INTERNATIONAL  STUDENT  HEALTH  INSURANCE - for International University Students & International Graduate Students in the USA

TRAVEL  MEDICAL  INSURANCE - Long or Short Term Health Insurance for people who travel abroad and for International visitors

U.S.  STUDENT  STUDY  ABROAD  INSURANCE - for U. S. students who study abroad (short term & long term)

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1. For your security, we will -never- ask you to provide any personal medical information over the internet.
2. The information requested on these pages is what is required in order to respond to your inquiry. We do not
      request information that is not needed. Any information you provide is kept in strict confidence.
3. We will not share, give, sell, or otherwise disseminate any information you provide (including your e-mail address)
      with anyone other than the insurance company/administrator who will issue your policy.

Our insurers offer secure "on-line" applications.

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Why do you think there are TV shows who can offer more than $1 million worth of prizes weekly? Have you ever wondered how your local institutions can have a house-and-lot as a prize?

These amazing prizes are typically insured by Champion Insurance, one of the leading promotional insurance providers who can tailor and insure state-of-the-art events and promotions. Champion Insurance boasts their tools and their capability to control a prize regardless of your budget. We are confident with our creativity in utilizing the promotional insurance.

If you weren’t aware, promotion insurance lets you control the overall cost of promotional activities. It serves as a form of risk management, which put a limitation on the potential payout through Prize Insurance.

We got you covered when it comes to running a spectacular insured promotion. We offer everything you’ll need to have a success and effective event such as pre-draw solutions, draw technology, terms and conditions, permits and so on.

What Sets Us Apart From Others?

It’s now possible that low budget events can provide huge and awesome prices like Porsche Car, high-value jewelry or $1 million cash. Trusting Champion Insurance greatly helps you organize your event and prize. We truly understand that the ‘Wow’ factor that comes with the prize can distinguish a great promotion from those which are not.

Who Should Get It?

Games and promotions are good tools to build your brand’s reputation and invite new customers. It can also give way to financial risks. Now, Champion Insurance offers promotional insurance which aims to help and guard off your client from these possible risks. We are also offering your insurance business a lucrative product.

With decades of insuring lots of games and promotions and comprehensive portfolio of contingency insurance, we know we can give the best insurance policy for all types of events and clients. Our team is known for their experience, expertise, and service. They are quick in developing creative, unique and budget-friendly promotions which accurately support the brand and business objectives of the client.

Enjoy a risk-free promotion

Want to run a promotion and take on zero risks with your end cost? If so, it’s best to find the most reliable partner. Champion Insurance will absorb all possible risk which might come along the way.

We are now in an era where competition in the market is tougher than ever. To stay on top of the competition, you must be wise in your promotional strategies. It is not easy to draw attention especially since more and more people are getting critical with the products and services they purchase. To succeed in increasing brand awareness, you have to focus on the big things. Leave risk management and promotional insurance to the experts.

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About Us.......

Founded in 1993, CHAMPION INSURANCE ADVANTAGE is a unique World Wide Web Insurance Broker specializing in temporary insurance and international travel insurance. We invite you to take advantage of our 40+ years of medical insurance experience and look forward to helping you obtain your Temporary Health Insurance or International Travel Insurance or Visitors Travel Insurance.

For further information, you may contact us by:

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...make "INSURANCE INQUIRY" (all caps) the subject of your e-mail


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